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Life Sciences

Information Sciences

Our Research Faculty - Life Sciences

C V Aravindhan   ( Ph.D.,2007, Madras University)

Suvro Chatterjee   ( Ph.D., 1999, D.A. University, Indore )

Aparajitha Dey   (Ph.D., 2002, BHU/ITRC, Benares)

S Kavitha   (Ph.D., 2008, NCBS, Banglore)

G Ramesh Kumar    (Ph.D., 1991, Madras University.)

P Gajalakshmi   (Ph.D., 2002, Madras University)-DST Scientist

Our Research Faculty - Information Sciences

G Bharadwaj Kumar   ( Ph.D.,2007, Hyderabad Univ.)

C N Krishnan   (Ph.D., 1977, IIT Kanpur)

S Srikanth   (Ph.D., 1997,Victoria Univ.,Canada)

L Sobha   (Ph.D., 2002, IIT Kanpur/ MGU Kerala)

M. Sethuraman   (M. Tech, 1985, IIT, Kanpur)

Research Community

The Research Faculty are supported by about a hundred engineers, scientists and scholars in the form of Ph.D. Scholars, M.S.(By Research) Scholars, Project Engineers, Research Assistants/ Associates, Trainees and Interns, etc. working at the AU-KBC Centre.

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