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Products, Technologies, Licenses and Partnerships

With in the Ecosystem, KBCRF is the owner of all Intellectual Property. When IP is created at the AU-KBC Research Centre, KBCRF owns the same jointly with Anna University Chennai, and holds the right for their licensing, sales, productisation and all other means of commercialisation.

Some of the Technologies, Products and IP s available with KBCRF and at various stages of commercialisation are

  • i-SECURIT: Network and Data Security Trainer Platform (in the market through Benchmark Electronic Systems Chennai)
  • Webguard: Web-page Defacement Prevention System (being commercialised)
  • e-QP: Cryptographic System for 'leak-proof' conduct of conventional examinations simultaneously at multiple locations. (being commercilaised)
  • Anti-Phishing Agent:a solution to prevent phishing attacks on the Net. (development nearing completion).
  • Digital Certificates and Signatures for enterprise applications (getting ready for deployment).
  • Indian Language Search Engines: High-end search technologies using morphological analysers, code converters , etc.(ready for commercialisation)
  • Information Extraction & Knowledge Discovery Engines:Extracting information and creating searchable databases from unstructured text using semantic techniques. (development completed)
  • Natural Language Processing tools, resources and engines: A whole range of tools, resources and engines for building applications like machine translation, information extraction, information retrieval, sentiment analysis, etc. (available for licensing or sale.)
  • Flurobact: A rapid and low cost pathogen detection kit based on fluorescence. (under development)
  • Bioask: An on line semantic Knowledge Discovery Service for Life Science researchers.(commercialised)
  • Anti-Cancer Molecule: Patented and validated discovery (ready for licensing or sale.)
  • Research Support Services for Natural Healthcare Products & Indian Systems of Medicine. (Deployed).
  • Library Automation & Networking Solutions using Open Source Technologies. (ready for deployment) -- Click Here for details of TN Public Libraries Automation and Networking carried out through our technology partner.
  • Training/Certification Packages: Tested and Proven Training Packages in the areas of
    W-LAN (WiFi/WiMax)
    with emphasis on security aspects, Cryptography and Network Security, Open Source Software, Bioinformatics, Clinical Trials Management. (Deployed).
  • Contract R&D Support in all the areas of available expertise.
  • E-Learning Platforms or Distance Education Programs (ready for deployment)
  • Open source-based solutions for MIS for State level deployment in Educational Departments -- Click Here for details of the EMIS pilot done by our technology partner to TN Govt. School Education Dept.
KBCRF looks for partners and investors for commercialisation of these and other IP s being generated in the ecosystem. It also undertakes on-demand R&D work for clients in all its areas of expertise and competence.

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